Tushar Kumar who is a Punjabi music director says music video directors walk a fine line between expressing their artistic vision and satisfying clients

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Tushar Kumar : Punjabi music director
Tushar Kumar : Punjabi music director

New Delhi : Since 1981, music recordings have turned into a regarded and particular type of creative articulation as well as a fundamental showcasing apparatus for famous music. At the top of each and every music video is a director: the accomplished proficient who directs the creation group, and altering, and, sometimes, gives a directing imaginative vision. Although throughout recent many years music recordings have moved away from their TV starting points, finding a bigger crowd on sites like YouTube, the music video creation process has remained generally something very similar — and everything starts with tracking down a chief. Music video directors walk a fine line between expressing their artistic vision and satisfying clients, which requires a nuanced blend of conviction and adaptability say Tushar Kumar who is a famous Punjabi music video director.

Tushar Kumar was born in India however he moved to Canada when he was 11. Tushar Kumar is a rising star in the realm of Punjabi music recordings. He has forever been enthusiastic about music and film. Subsequent to finishing his study, he started his profession filling in as a assistant director for different Punjabi music artists. Than he established his own creation organization, Tushar Kumar Films. From that point forward, he has coordinated numerous music recordings and worked with famous Punjabi superstars, for example, Karan Aujla, Parmish Verma, Ranjit bawa, Jassa Dhillon, Angrez Ali and some more. His work has won various honors, In the years 2021 and 2022, Tushar Kumar won the Best Videographer, Best Film Editor, and Best Film Director grants in Ottawa. Tushar is a genuine craftsman, and he carries enthusiasm and inventiveness to the entirety of his work.