Yung dub d- an hip hop artist making his steps towards success count by making magnificent tracks

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Yung Dub D Hip Hop artist
Yung Dub D Hip Hop artist

New Delhi : Hip hop and rapping are the genres of music that is somehow always there in most of the millennials and Genz’s playlist. Here’s another uprising artist who is winning hearts by making remarkable songs with catchy tunes and beats. Introducing Yung Dub D, a rising hip-hop artist and rapper, well-known for his beat making. He is not a newbie in this industry and has already made quite a mark with his past albums and singles. This time though he is coming back bigger and better with his latest album soon to be released on the 17th of September this year.

Yung Dub D is the other name of Kedric Dewon Battee, who has been born and brought up in Dallas Texas. Afterwards, he moved out to Cedar hill where he went to High School. He grew up by hanging out with similar-minded musically talented people that helped him realise the passion and talent he was born with. He has had a connection with this industry for a long time, Yung Dub D had actually been recording since 2014 with a group called “Check Life”. He was involved with producing for one of the group members. As his own confidence grew, he found that his taste was liked by numerous people, which got him acquainted with more and more compliments. This led Yung Dub D to finally take the next left in his life.

One of Yung Dub D's first songs was “Driver” which gained a lot of attention for him. However, attention can be on both good and bad shorts. With loads of love and compliments towards his music, he even faced criticism. However, Yung Dub D never let that get to him and instead went on to create several masterpieces such as “Core”, “Put it all on me”, “I agree”, “In my head”, “Alligator lizard” and “What you goncall me”. All of these tunes have got a considerable amount of appreciation with more than hundreds of streams on Spotify and has catapulted Yung Dub D into the spotlight. Now, Yung Dub D is ready to give his fans another taste of his classic style, in his upcoming album. 

Check out the new album releasing on 17th September and stay tuned for more of Yung Dub D’s work on Spotify (link given below)

To know more about Yung Dub D, you can check his Instagram (link given below)