Kanishka Sharma is an Indian dancer and Youtuber who has many talents up her sleeves

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Image: Kanishka Sharma
Image: Kanishka Sharma

New Delhi : In this golden age, do you still believe, that we can have a career in just one field? Kanishka Sharma is here to break your stereotypical views as has proved herself not only as a successful Youtuber and a dancer, but also a Fashion designer, model, blogger and a tik tok star.

Kanishka Sharma is a 21-year-old girl who comes from Ghaziabad. She is majorly a professional dancer but does it all. There’s no doubt for the fact that she is multi-talented. Kanishka has a huge following on YouTube. Her YouTube channel “Kanishka Talent Hub” has approximately a whopping 2.5 million subscribers and 535,719,316 views. Wow, now that’s a huge channel. Her first video was “Suit Suit Karda Dance Performance” which hit 1.5millions views. Since then, she has been unstoppable and continues to hustle as hard as her initial days when she had not tasted fame.  People do go all out for their dreams, but there are very few who manage to keep themselves going even after attaining huge success.

The best in life happens when we do not plan it. It’s like when we are busy making a road map for our life, the universe always has a better plan for us. Kanishka has also experienced such a thing. She never planned on becoming a YouTuber. A student of hers, who used to help her in shooting short dance videos, advised her to start uploading her videos on YouTube. Soon, Kanishka saw an insane increase in her popularity and found out people were enjoying her videos. Online communities are known to provoke trolling but Kanishka had a totally different experience, people were responding positively. This encouraged her to keep up with the good work and now she is in a totally different league from where she started.

To add to the big list of her achievements, she has 168K followers on her social media handles where she keeps on uploading photos and drills regularly.

Kanishka has been through rough patches too, just like everyone. In 2015, she lost her mother, which created a big turmoil in her life. Everything turned upside down and she no longer felt motivated and energetic like before. But she was never a quitter. She slowly and steadily picked up herself again and made up for all the wasted time. And now after six years, she continues to inspire millions. She is an inspiration to everyone. There is hardly any need to mention all her success anymore as her recent collaborations with the likes of Shilpa Shetty, Jaqueline Fernandez and Neha Kakkar explains it all.

Kanishka Sharma is the next big superstar in the Indian entertainment industry, so make sure to check her out if you haven’t already!