Akhil Poddar - An Entrepreneurial Inspiration for all Dreamers

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Image: Akhil Poddar
Image: Akhil Poddar

Jaipur : Poddar Group of Industries is an age-old family business in Jaipur, Rajasthan that is into the manufacturing of PCC electrical poles. A dream that was converted into reality in 1979 has been thriving since then under the realm of Mr. Poddar’s grandfather Mr. Dwarka Prasad Poddar, father Mr. Uttam Kumar Poddar, and now Mr. Akhil Poddar himself. 

The young entrepreneur Mr. Akhil Poddar joined the business at the age of 19, without wasting any time. This industry has supplied an enormous amount of electrical poles across Rajasthan and is now set to expand its horizons all across India headed by Akhil himself. 

We are all living in a dynamic world where every second there are new groundbreaking innovations taking place and such an environment requires fast and responsive minds like those of young entrepreneurs and businessmen. With his business-oriented mindset and sheer hard work, he has made a name for himself in the industry that can never be forgotten. 

His aim is not just to grow his business but also to inspire people like him in turning their dreams into reality. He aspires to set a predominant example for all the young dreamers and teach them how every situation can be turned into a beneficial opportunity. 

People don’t just look up to him for his entrepreneurial skills but also because of his lifestyle and personality. He is known for his extravagant lifestyle that is well explained by his travel diaries to the most exotic locations. Along with this, he is never seen without branded apparel like that of Louis Vuitton, Armani, etc. Apart from this, he has driven the most expensive and lavish cars like Mercedes, Jaguar, and Range Rover. 

Along with lifestyle, he has focused on being charming as well. With a proper routine of diet and exercises, he has maintained a very desirable and strong physique. He gives importance to health and fitness as much as he pays attention to his business.

But don’t mistake his looks for a rather dull brain as he knows the importance of multiple sources of income thus, makes investments considerably and accordingly. Whilst earning money, he knows how to spend it wisely as well which makes him one of the very few. He says, “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you”. He believes that to live the life that you have imagined throughout, it is important to intensify your wealth and build an extensive lifestyle. 

Not many people are aware that Mr. Akhil also has experience in the retail sector as he collaborated with brands like Tommy Hilfiger’s, UCB, and Levi’s, all of which were in the list of top 3 across pan India within 3 years. However, later he decided to only stick with his family business to help it reach soaring heights and maintain the reputed name. 

This enthusiastic and energetic young lad has worked consistently for eons to create an image of himself that everyone can look up to and learn how to live life to its fullest. The proof that success doesn’t occur till you are employed onerous in the direction of attaining it is this entrepreneur. Mr. Akhil Poddar, a profitable and zestful entrepreneur with his imaginative and prescient skills is setting the number one instance for a lot of such young utopists.