To say I support nepotism is a lie: Swara Bhaskar on Kangana Ranaut

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Swara Bhasker
Swara Bhasker

Mumbai : Swara Bhasker’s bold attitude usually lands her in problem on social media and the criticism she receives. In an interview with PINKVILLA, the actress opened up on how she is attracted to empowering roles, reacted to nasty comments made, allegations of supporting nepotism.

Talking about her role in an upcoming series  Flesh, she informed, "It was definitely a show which was draining when we shot it. But luckily for me, I play the role of a cop who is at it to expose the crime. It is such an empowering character. There is a lot of hope in the story." 

When asked about Kangana's B-grade comment on her, Swara said, "Firstly, in my head, B stands for 'best' so I am like go ahead and call me whatever you like. Sometimes what people say reveals more about their mentality than the people they are talking about. That is what happened with the "needy outsider" and "B grade" actors debate. It is really just that. I think people were revealing their own mentality rather than saying anything about me or Taapsee Pannu."

Talking about her befitting reply she adds, "I had replied with humour, if you noticed but I feel that you shouldn't say a lie. You can call me what you want, but you shouldn't lie. This video which went viral about me asking Karan Johar about nepotism is a very old one, in fact, earlier than the entire nepotism debate started. I, in fact, did not say nepotism. I said Bollywood is feudal and I stand by it. To say that I support nepotism, is quite frankly, a lie. I know my calibre and I am confident about my craft. I don't need validation from anyone at all.”

Concluding her say, she added, “I am a person who has stood up for what I believe in, to the extent, I had written a letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is one of the biggest directors and I had put my name on that letter."