Bigg Boss evicts Swami Om for peeing on Bani and Rohan

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Bani, Swami and Rohan on Bigg Boss 10
Bani, Swami and Rohan on Bigg Boss 10

New Delhi : After numerous warnings for indecent behaviour, including physical fights, Swami Om has finally been evicted from Bigg Boss 10 for an unacceptable activity.

The strict action came after he went bizarre and peed on his fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra.

It all began with his desperate desire to be a captain of the house. Bigg Boss gave Bani and Swami a task to build pyramid with the given blocks. The other housemates had this liberty to support their candidate and topple pyramid made by other.

All contestants chose to stand by Bani. Irked with the support, Swami crossed all limits and went on to peeing on Bani and Rohan to keep himself in the game.

Both Bani and Rohan were taken aback by Swami’S act and Bani retaliates by kicking Swami. Rohan too could not control his anger and pulls Swami to the jail.

With other contestants supporting Bani and Rohan, Bigg Boss took the hard call of throwing Swami out of the house.