Dipika Kakar gets aggressive on Bigg Boss 12

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Dipika Kakar gets aggressive on Bigg Boss 12
Dipika Kakar gets aggressive on Bigg Boss 12

New Delhi : TV actress Dipika Kakar, who is often considered as the soft spoken, emotional and caring in nature, decided to come out of her shell as she was seen getting aggressive on the famous TV show Bigg Boss 12.

While performing a task on the show, the actress turned aggressive and made it clear that she is not here to change anyone's perspective about her.

In a new preview teaser, Dipika is seen showing her aggressive side and telling the housemates that she wanted the members of the 'Happy Club' to be nominated as they have always talked about the difference between celebrities and commoners, but the celebrities have never made anyone feel small. She further says if ever anyone from the celebrity contestant ends up talking about the difference they will make that person's life hell. Surbhi will get into a fight with Dipika and post her fight she goes on to create a havoc in the house and breaks rest of the scarecrows.

Earlier, on November 5, cricketer Sreesanth changed the dynamics of the game by nominating the members of Happy Club like Surbhi Rana, Romil Chaudhary, Deepak Thakur and Somi Khan.