Sambhavna Seth advices Rashami Desai to stay away from Arhaan Khan

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Sambhavna Seth advices Rashami Desai to stay away from Arhaan Khan
Sambhavna Seth advices Rashami Desai to stay away from Arhaan Khan

Mumbai : Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sambhavana Seth has advised current Bigg Boss participant Rashami Desai to stay away from Arhaan Khan.

While she keeps on sharing her views on the social media, she spoke more about the Bigg Boss 13 with

She shared, “This time it is all about fights. We used to have so much fun, but people now are not interested in something light. And this is why Shehnaaz Gill is like a breather between all the negativity. While I enjoy Sidharth Shukla’s game, he gets really aggressive. As for Asim Riaz, he seems docile sometimes, but mostly he is playing a dirty game and pushing all the wrong buttons to create a fight.”

Ask her whose side she is on – Asim Riaz or Sidharth Shukla, and the actor said, “Honestly, I hadn’t followed the season from the start. I started watching it after Khesari Lal Yadav entered the show. So I enjoy both Asim and Sidharth’s game. But as I told you, for me the most important person is Shehnaaz. I get upset when she does anything stupid. Also, Shefali Jariwala is a tehelka. You can expect anything from her.”

Sharing how favourites emerge as fans start connecting with their journey, Sambhavna Seth stated, “Viewers who watch the show relate to someone, and then they start following their journey. As of now, Sidharth Shukla is a favourite. He just needs to sort out a few things. While people talk about Asim, his game is very weird, and he shows no quality of a winner. I want Shehnaaz to be there in the finale. But apart from these three, none of the contestants have a strong fan base.”

Speaking about Rashami Desai who had been making headlines oftenly due to the show, she said, “Now that we are talking about her, I just hope she doesn’t decide to stay with Arhaan Khan. We have all seen such con men in our lives. Rashami has already gone through a lot and I don’t think she deserves this ordeal. That man’s eyes tell that he is a cheat. He speaks about bringing her to the show and she having zero bank balance. I want to ask him how did he find out about her financial condition in just a few months of being together.”