Fact Check: Viral video of water gushing inside a DTC-looking bus is not from Delhi

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Viral Image of water gushing inside a bus
Viral Image of water gushing inside a bus

New Delhi : A small video clip showing water gushing inside a bus has gone viral on the internet and since it is raining heavily in northern India; people tagged it to be of a DTC bus on Delhi roads.

Congress national media panellist Abhishek Dutt tweeted this video claiming, "What will Kejriwal advertise tomorrow morning through full-page newspaper ads?” How to make pakoras with tea during heavy rainfall? (Whatsapp)"

Several other leaders like Alka Lamba retweeted the video questioning the authorities.

Infact, Republic Bharat anchor Ashutosh Chaturvedi also tweeted the video claiming it to be a scene from a DTC bus.

With many high profile people sharing the video, it became a common belief that this is a real incident from Delhi due to heavy rains. However, the truth is different.

A reverse image of a frame of the video led to media reports which claim that the incident took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan. A report in Patrika from August 11, 2020, carried a screenshot of the video. The article said that the incident happened in Jaipur.

Now, if we dig further and watch the whole video which provides enough evidence to prove that the video is definitely from Delhi.

On the 50th second of the viral video we can see a logo of Jaipur bus on the window of the bus. At 54 seconds, a board of Nasiyan Bhattarak Ji is also visible which is a Jain temple in Jaipur.

So, the claims made in viral video are false and the video of bus is from Jaipur.