Demonetisation effect: Couple in Surat ties knot at a marriage budget of Rs 500

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Couple in Surat ties knot
Couple in Surat ties knot

Surat : "Miya Biwi Razi to kya karega…." Well you know the whole saying and to prove it correct is this couple from Surat who tied knot as per scheduled date. The wedding was neither big nor fat as it was summed to a total budget of Rs 500.

"Since our wedding date was already fixed, we decided to give up on a grand marriage and instead had a 'chai, paani wala' wedding," the groom told ANI.

While they couldn’t make it a grand one, they made it special for 'baraatis' with chai and samosa. The bride was also happy with the decision.

This definitely proves that when love starts rolling nothing else matter in the whole world.

Congratulations to this couple for setting an example that marriage needs only love and not heft money.