Fake doctor found in Delhi AIIMS, police arrest the accused

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Adnan Khurram was arrested for impersonating as an AIIMS doctor for five months
Adnan Khurram was arrested for impersonating as an AIIMS doctor for five months

New Delhi : AIIMS Delhi is in news for sheltering fake doctor in the campus. A 19-year-old medical aspirant was pretending to be an AIIMS doctor for the past five months. The accused used fake identity proof to make friends across the medical college and even participated in events organized for doctors. Delhi police has arrested the duplicate doctor and investigation is in process. 

Identified as Adnan Khurram, a native of Bihar, he was accused for impersonating as an AIIMS doctor for at least five months. He used his forged identity to make friends across departments and among medical students. He even participated in events meant for doctors – from strikes to marathon, said the AIIMS resident doctors’ association. When police detained him on Saturday, they were amazed by his ‘knowledge’ of medicines, the names of doctors and department heads at AIIMS.  

Sources confirmed that there is also a medical diary issued in the name of Adnan Khurram. During the questioning, Khurram has been frequently changing his statements. One of the reasons he had given for his crime was that had to help an ailing family member get privileged treatment. He also said that he pretended as a doctor because he was fond of spending time with doctors.

Deputy Commissioner of police Romil Baaniya said Khurram was transferred to their custody on Saturday and has been charged under sections 419 (impersonation) and 468 (forgery for purpose of cheating) of the Indian Penal Code at Hauz Khas Police Station.

RDA president Harjit Singh said Khurram had been noticing his activities in the medical campus for the past many months and decided to keep a watch.

“He would roam around wearing the lab coat and stethoscope all the time. We found out that he had made different claims to different doctors. To some, he would claim that he was a junior resident doctor while to junior resident doctors, he would introduce himself as an undergraduate medical student. He had even made his way to the WhatsApp groups,” said Singh.

Singh said since AIIMS has around 2,000 resident doctors, it is difficult to know each and every person individually and Khurram took the fact as an advantage and avoided being caught.

On Saturday, when he the accused Khurram participated in a marathon organised by the doctors, some doctors got suspicious and asked him about his identity. When he could not give a satisfactory reply, he was overpowered and the police was informed.

The police, however, said Khurram had no criminal record. During probe, it was found that Khurram had uploaded many photographs wearing a doctor’s coat and stethoscope on social media. There are also photographs of him with politicians.