Indian woman dies due to ant bite in Saudi Arabia: Read complete story

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : In an unusual happening, a woman from India died in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, after being bitten by a venomous ant. Reports mentioned that the woman died on April 3, at the city hospital, where she was undergoing treatment.

The deceased Susy Jeffy was 36 years-old, a native of Karuvatta near Adoor in the Indian state of Kerala. On March 19, she was bitten by the poisonous ant and was was rushed to Obeid Hospital in Riyadh for the treatment. Medical report says that the victim has gone into an anaphylactic shock caused by the ant bite.

At first, Susy took the ant bite lightly but when the particular area started to swell up, she told her husband Jeffy Mathew about something that had bitten her. Within a few hours, she started to suffer from breathing difficulties, as reported by The News Minute (TNM).

Doctors at Obeid hospital told TNM that Susy's blood pressure level and pulse were extremely low when she was brought into the hospital.

"Her family said that she was bitten by some kind of an ant, the husband said he had seen the ant himself. But we cannot verify this since no tests could be done to verify if there was poison in her body. There was no visible bite mark," a hospital official told TNM. "She had a history of asthma. We gave her medical help to improve her BP, she was on ventilator support."

While the cause of her death still could not exactly verified, the hospital official mentioned that similar case had recently happened when another person was admitted  to the hospital a few weeks ago almost in the same condition.

"Another person who had gone into anaphylactic shock was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago. In that case, too the relatives had said that it was an ant bite that caused the shock. That patient too died," the official added.

The case alerts that not all the ant bites are harmless. There are some bred of poisonous ant which can lead to death. Do not neglect any insect bites!