This elections vote for Corona - BJP’s candidate for Kerala local body polls

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Corona Thomas
Corona Thomas

Kerala : One Corona has freaked out almost the whole nation and has been a constant topic of discussion during politics and another Corona wants you to vote for her in the upcoming local body polls in Kerala. Before it gets tricky for you, we must clarify that we are talking about BJP's candidate Corona Thomas.

Given her name resembles the pandemic the world is dealing with, she has become an instant eye-grabber in the elections.

Amid coronavirus outbreak, Corona goes to people with folded hands and masks to ask for the vote; she also distributes sanitizers.

“Because of my name, everyone recognises and remembers me during the campaign. Wherever I go, people call my name with amusement. I hope this name will help voters to remember me on election day and make them cast votes in my favour,” Corona told PTI.

She mentioned that while naming her Corona, her father would have never thought that it will resemble a pandemic one day.

Ironically, a pregnant Corona had tested positive for the virus when her due date was just days away recently. But, successfully battling the virus, she and her baby survived the infection.