Hubert Ebner launches new Road Safety Mobile App

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New Delhi : Hubert Ebner (India) recently celebrated 20 years, pioneering the cause of Road Safety in India. During their 2nd Annual Patron Conclave at the India Habitat Centre, HE India as its popularly known launched its new Road Safety Mobile App that will provide valuable Road Safety tips and messages along with interactive quiz to test and enhance the user's awareness.

Enhancing their Technology portfolio Hubert Ebner India also joins hands with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi to develop next generation seat belts with sensors without which your car will simply not move. Speaking at the event, Professor Varun Dutt of IIT Mandi said, "This project, a collaboration between HE-India and IIT Mandi, focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of a smart low-cost seat-belt monitoring system for vehicles. A set of sensors on the belt that measure body heat, heartbeat, and seatbelt’s extension and movement will help smartly monitor seat belt use among drivers and passengers in the vehicle. The system will be useful for real-time monitoring of seat belt use in vehicles."

"India is going digital and being pioneers of Road Safety in India, we had to make the first move. With our European expertise and experience in India, we have designed an app which perfectly fits in the scheme of things," said Mag Susanne Ebner Mayer, Managing Director of Hubert Ebner India. She further added "The app will be interactive, crisp and have effective Road Safety tips and messages at your finger tip. It is very user friendly and Corporates can even use it as their own app with additional organisational information."

Celebrated wildlife film maker and environmentalist Mike H Pandey who is also Director of HE India expressed his concern on Road Safety, “The whole world is going through a transition. There is a need to adapt to the latest technological innovation to cope with the challenges that confront us specially in the automobile sector." He went on to say, "Given the number of cars, death on roads including the challenges of climate change, this is the time to adapt, understand & partner with the rest of the world hence collaboration is the key word.”

20 kids are losing their life on Indian Roads every day. It is thus crucial for us to take the message of Road Safety right to the children to secure the future of our nation. Under their flagship project of PRAYAS - Project Road Safety for Youth And School, HE India is joining hands with Dream Whistlerz Foundation to reach out to more than 6 lakh school children covering 200 Kendra Vidyalaya schools located at 15 major cities spread across the length and width of our nation.

Almost 30% of Road Accidents deaths in India comprise of the Two Wheeler users. Though we have Driving schools every corner of the nation not one would teach you how to ride a bicycle - apart from a very few parks run by some OEMs. HE India, thus keeping by its tradition is collaborating with Vinline Engineering of Kolkata to establish India's first dedicated Two Wheeler Academy in Kolkata with a special focus on the female users. Pawan Shah, Director of Vinline very passionately mentioned, "We are determined to save precious human lives on Indian Roads. We are one of the largest distributors of Two Wheelers in Eastern part of India and as responsible business entity we want our customers to maximize their user experience, staying absolutely safe."