100 per cent Uttar Pradesh cannot hold Kanwar Yatra

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100 per cent Uttar Pradesh cannot hold Kanwar Yatra (Image: Ankit Pal)
100 per cent Uttar Pradesh cannot hold Kanwar Yatra (Image: Ankit Pal)

New Delhi : Supreme Court on Friday reminded Uttar Pradesh government that we all are the citizen of India and according to Article 21 - Right to life applies to all.

"We all are citizens of India. Article 21 - the Right to Life - applies to all. UP cannot go ahead with physical yatra. 100 percent," said Justice RF Nariman.

He scheduled next hearing in the matter to Monday and gave Uttar Pradesh another chance to reconsider its decision, or else it would pass an order.

"We are, of prima facie view, that it concerns all of us and is at the heart of the fundamental Right to Life. The health of citizenry of India and right to life is paramount, all other sentiments, whether it be religious (or otherwise), are subservient to this basic fundamental right," Justices Nariman and BR Gavai said.

"We can give you one more opportunity to consider holding yatra physically at all. This or else we pass an order. We are all Indians and this suo motu has been taken up as Article 21 applies to all of us. Either you reconsider to have it at all or we deliver," it said.

The UP government told the court it would allow a symbolic yatra and that only devotees who have been fully vaccinated could participate.

"The UP Disaster Management Authority discussed this issue and said those who undertake the yatra must be fully vaccinated. Ganga jal is being kept at tankers at locations," the UP government's lawyer, CS Vaidyanathan, told the court.