70th Independence Day: PM Narendra Modi says India won’t bow to terror

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New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the occasion of 70th Independence Day from Red Fort in the national capital. Lashing out at terrorism he asked youth to use their potential in the right direction.

In his 93 minutes speech, he said, "From the ramparts of the Red Fort, I want to express my gratitude to some people - the people of Baluchistan, Gilgit, and Pak-occupied-Kashmir - for the way they whole-heartedly thanked me, the way they expressed gratitude to me, the way they conveyed their goodwill to me recently."

Key Notes:

# Today our resolve is to turn the Swaraj (Self-Rule) into Su-Rajya (Good governance). Surajya means a qualitative and positive change in the lives of the citizens of India.

# We remember Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Pandit Nehru, countless people who sacrificed their lives so that we attained Swaraj.

# I can give you a long list of what we have done. But if I tell you everything, I'll have to speak from here for a week. That's why I will speak not only of Neeti (policy) but of Niyat (Intent).

# From Ved to Vivekanand, from Mohan (Lord Krishna) to Mohan (Mahatma Gandhi), from Mahabharat's Bhim to Bhim Rao (Ambedkar) we have a long legacy.

# It's sad that when a place can be reached in only 3 hours, it has taken 70 years to take electricity to these villages.

# Want to change the situation where people are scared of Income Tax authorities.

# Under the previous government, inflation had crossed 10 per cent. Under our efforts, we have not let it go above 6 percent.

# Economic progress is not the only measure of an empowered society. A strong society is built on social justice.

# Our mantra is reform, perform, transform.

# Many innocents were killed in Peshawar terrorist attack, but there were tears in everyone's eyes in Parliament here. That is the nature of India.