Amit Shah assails Congress over opposing Triple Talaq Bill

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Amit Shah at a rally
Amit Shah at a rally

New Delhi : Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday attacked Congress Party for opposing a Triple Talaq Bill, that abolishes the practice of instant talaq.

Addressing a gathering in Mavlankar Hall, Constitution Club of New Delhi on the topic 'Abolition of Triple Talaq: Correcting a Historic Wrong' on Sunday, BJP president said that everyone was convinced with the idea of removing the malpractice but Congress let it evolved in the past for mere votes.

Congress had heavily opposed the passing of Triple Talaq Bill in the Parliament; Amit Shah claimed that there politics amid adopting shortcuts for the votes made them indifferent to the negative consequences of such malpractices.

Talking more about it, he said that the fight against Triple Talaq practice has been going on from a long time. Years ago Shah Bano fought a fight against the "evil practice" and challenged it into the Supreme Court (SC). On 23 April 1985, SC gave the order in favour of her, and abolished triple talaq while maintaining that giving maintenance was mandatory and a reason must be given for talaq.

However, Rajiv Gandhi-led Congress overturned Supreme Court's ruling to fetch some votes.

Hailing the people of India who voted BJP into power in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Shah said, "the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister in 2014 was the beginning of the end of politics of appeasement and the 2019 mandate is to end it forever."