Anti-romeo squad shaves man head in presence of police in Shahjahanpur

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Luckow :  The newly formed anti-romeo squad in UP is in news from the day 1. In a bizarre incident, officers of anti-romeo squad caught a man for allegedly molesting a woman and tonsured his head as punishment in Uttar Pradesh's Shahjahanpur area.


However, according to reports the police was present during the punishment.

The incident happened last week, but a video of it went viral on Friday, after which senior police officials suspended the three constables who were present at the site.

“Three constables namely, Suhail Ahmed, Laiek Ahmed and Sonu Pal have been accused of involvement in the incident. Prima facie it appears that they were present there and failed to stop those who were shaving the head of the victim. I have ordered their suspension on this ground,” Shahjahanpur SSP, K B Singh said.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi last week assured that the anti-romeo squads will not trouble couples who move around together with consent.


"I have received many complaints from the mothers, daughters and sisters in the state of harassment towards them. We have assured them that we were are committed to their safety and security," said Adityanath at a rally.