ATM rains cash in Rajasthan: Rs 70k dispensed when asked for Rs 3500

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Malfunctioned ATM Machine dispensed extra cash
Malfunctioned ATM Machine dispensed extra cash

Jaipur : In a cash crunch time of demonetisation, there are news stories which make you feel terribly jealous of the beneficiaries. Recently, a technical glitch in an ATM machine in Rajasthan dispensed Rs 70,000 when it was asked for mere Rs 3500.

Many people took benefit on the situation, but one out of them – a responsible Indian citizen – informed the bank about the error in ATM machine, located nearly 80 kms away from capital Jaipur.

By the time officials got to know about the error, the ATM machine had dispensed Rs 6.76 lakh. And 10-odd people are believed to have got excess cash when the ATM gave out 2000-rupee notes in place of 100-rupee-notes.

The bank manager Tonk Harishankar Meena claimed that it is a result of malfunction; the machine was dispensing Rs 2000 currency notes instead of Rs 100.

“Technically, Rs 2,000 notes cannot be loaded in the Rs 100 cassette as the sensors won’t accept it. That’s why we have called technical experts to investigate how this happened,” Meena said.

The enquiry has been initiated in the matter and also bank is trying to locate the beneficiaries who took undue advantage of the situation.