Breastfeeding woman towing case: The other side of the story

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Breastfeeding woman towing case: The other side of the story
Breastfeeding woman towing case: The other side of the story

Mumbai : A video of a traffic policeman towing a car with a woman inside breastfeeding her seven-month-old went viral over the internet.

The social media spread and pressure on authorities resulted in the suspension of the cop who was captured towing the car by a nearby passer.

But, what were the actual circumstances that led to this? Why was the cop not bothered about what people are asking? What actually happened?

A News Heads reader shared a video link showing the other side of the whole incident. Check the video below:

In the video, Mumbai traffic police officer can be seen asking the lady to get out of the car and also the little toddler can be seen in the husband’s arms. As per video, it seems like she was deliberately trying to avoid the situation by sitting inside the car with her seven-month-old son.

Though the couple seems to be at fault in the matter, the question remains how justified was it for the cop to tow the vehicle with a human inside it? A detainment or a simple fine could have rectified the issue too.

Also, check out the video of incident that had gone viral: 

Hours after the video showing Mumbai Traffic Police personnel towing away a car with a sick woman sitting in the rear seat and breastfeeding her seven-month-old baby went viral, a policeman was on Saturday suspended, pending an inquiry.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Amitesh Kumar said the traffic police constable, who was identified as Shashank Rane by the person who shot the video, had been suspended pending an inquiry report.

"It will be dealt with appropriately and sternly after the preliminary report is received within 24 hours," Kumar said.


Mumbai Cop suspended for towing away car with a woman breastfeeding toddler inside it

Cop tows away woman breastfeeding toddler inside car in Mumbai