Congress leader calls Rahul Gandhi 'Pappu' on Whatsapp, fired

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Vinay Pradhan removed from Congress for calling Rahul Gandhi Pappu on Whatsapp
Vinay Pradhan removed from Congress for calling Rahul Gandhi Pappu on Whatsapp

New Delhi : Vinay Pradhan, a Congress leader, was removed from all party posts after he allegedly addressed Rahul Gandhi as Pappu in one of his Whatsapp chats.

The Congress leader was praising Rahul Gandhi's recent visit to violence-hit Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh in social media messages, but chose the word 'pappu' to refer to him. 

'Pappu' is a sarcastic word used to make fun of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.  

According to a report by Times of India, Vinay Pradhan mentioned Pappu in a message sent on a WhatsApp group called 'Indian National Congress'.

The message, which soon went viral, read: "Pappu could have joined hands with Adani, Ambani and Mallya but he did not do that. Pappu could have been a minister or even the Prime Minister, but he did not go down the road. Instead, he put his life on the line by going to Mandsaur".

However, Vinay Pradhan claimed that the Whatsapp message has been tailored as he respects Rahul Gandhi a lot and will never use such a word for him.

The sacked leader said he was not given an opportunity by the party to explain himself and that he would seek an appointment with Rahul Gandhi to explain the matter to him.

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