Consumer shocked after live rat found in bread packet delivered by Blinkit

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Consumer shocked after live rat found in bread packet delivered by Blinkit
Consumer shocked after live rat found in bread packet delivered by Blinkit

Delhi : For the vast number of us, food delivery apps and grocery delivery apps enable us to easily get food and other necessities delivered to our doorsteps. However, it appears that someone recently had a terrible experience. Along with his order, a rat was delivered. 

A packet of bread was recently ordered on Blinkit by a person by the name of Nitin Arora. He quickly received his order, but a rodent also arrived with it. He claimed that the rat was actively moving within the bread packet. Doesn't that sound intolerable?

A customer of Blinkit received a shocking surprise on February 1 when he opened a packet of bread and discovered an alive rat inside.

Using the fast delivery app Blinkit, Nitin Arora tweeted a picture of a rat jammed inside a packet of bread. On February 3, he tweeted the information two days later.

Nitin also provided screenshots of his conversation with a Blinkit customer service representative, who informed him that the problem had been escalated.

"The bread packet I ordered on 1 Feb, 2023 was delivered with an alive rat inside it, which was a most unpleasant experience with @letsblinkit. We are all alarmed by this. @blinkitcares I would rather wait a few hours than accept such items if a 10 minute delivery has such baggage," Nitin tweeted. He also posted an altered image of a Blinkit billboard showing the rat in the bread packet.

The Blinkit official accepted that and said , "your concern was valid. I sincerely apologise for this problem. We have taken note of this and will take appropriate action. Your comments regarding this particular incident have been taken into consideration, and we will definitely make improvements as a result."

Another brief video posted by the user explains how the rat tore open the packet, entered, and then managed to get stuck. He demonstrates how the rat might have entered while also proving that it was alive.

The store has been delisted, according to Dhananjay Shashidharan, Head of Customer Delight at Blinkit, who also commented in the Twitter thread. "I oversee customer service at Blinkit. As we look into the situation with the store owner, I want to reassure you that we acted quickly and delisted the partner store. With this incident, we have increased the frequency of audits at the store networks. We have high standards for hygiene at all of our stores," he replied.

Residents who were alarmed and shocked expressed their displeasure with Blinkit's service.

"To the extent that English Oven and Blinkit are required to do so. I wonder if the agency responsible for ensuring the safety of our food actually conducts periodic inspections of these facilities "user comments