Coronavirus: Maulana Saad self-isolating on doctor's advice, claims new audio clip

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Coronavirus: Maulana Saad self-isolating on doctor's advice, claims new audio clip
Coronavirus: Maulana Saad self-isolating on doctor's advice, claims new audio clip

New Delhi : Police officials have been trying their best to trace down Maulana Saad, who was last seen on March 28 and has been hiding since then.

With over 400 suspected COVID-19 cases from Tablighi Jamaat, it is likely that Maulana Saad may have also contracted the infection, said police.

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has sent teams to Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar and is also searching in the capital for him and six more Markaz officials charged by the police. The police also sent a notice at his home, which was received by his family. The family reportedly said he would respond through his lawyer.

Maulana Saad has been charged by the police for alleged encouragement of people to congregate and stay at Markaz Nizamuddin, breaking all the rules imposed during the coronavirus lockdown in the nation. He allegedly ignored two police notices which asked him to vacate the building.

In two audio clips that emerged on Wednesday, he is heard claiming that he is self-isolating in Delhi under a doctor's advice.

In the first audio message, put out on the Markaz YouTube channel, Maulana Saad says "a mosque is the best place to die" and insists that coronavirus can do no harm to his followers.

In the second audio clip, he does a turnaround and appeals to Tablighi members to follow the guidelines of the government and avoid large gatherings. "Undoubtedly, what is happening in the world is the result of humanity's crimes. We should remain at home, that is the only way to calm the wrath of God. One should follow the advice of doctors and cooperate with the administration. Wherever our members are, they should follow the administration's orders," he is heard saying.

"Quarantine yourself, no matter where you are, it is not against Islam or Shariyat," he says.

On March 23, he was seen influencing the Muslims that coronavirus is a conspiracy to keep the Muslims away from each other.

"Where will you run from death? Death is in front of you...This is an occasion to seek penance from God. Not an occasion where one comes under the influence of doctors and stops Namaaz, meeting each other...Yes, there is a virus. But 70,000 angels are with me and if they can't save me, who will? This is the time for more such gatherings, not the time to avoid each other...," he says in the sermon, which is being investigated by the police.