Crop burning smog evil to return in Delhi soon

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Crop burning smog evil to return in Delhi soon
Crop burning smog evil to return in Delhi soon

New Delhi : Smogy, scary days are set to return in Delhi as rain has ended and it's time for crop burning season in North India, especially in the adjoining states of the national capital.

Like every year, it is once again expected to see Delhi turning into a gas chamber and authorities fighting to keep the air clean.

The latest satellite images released by Nasa show an increasing trend in stubble burning cases across Punjab and Haryana over the past 15 days. The images show that with the change in season, farmers in the two states are preparing their fields for the next crop. This means they are burning stubble in their fields.

Stubble burning is banned in India but with less or no alternative the farmers depend upon the traditional and unscientific practice.

In the images released, one can spot red dots which are a representation of crop burning on the field. Nasa's images reveal that even the farmers in Uttar Pradesh have resorted to stubble burning. Over the next few weeks, the smog generated due to these fires and the carbon residue in the air will flow into Delhi with the wind, worsening the air quality in the city.

Are Delhiites ready to face the gas chamber?