Delhi High Court slams Centre over oxygen shortage

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Delhi High Court slams Centre over oxygen shortage (Image: Pixabay)
Delhi High Court slams Centre over oxygen shortage (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Hearing a case of allegations of oxygen shortage in Delhi, the High Court slammed Centre on Tuesday saying if medicines were not being sent to places that really needed them, "blood is on their hands". On Monday, Delhi registered a record 32,000 cases in a single day. 

Delhi government has complained of oxygen shortage, less medicines, vaccine and beds during the growing crisis of coronavirus.

The court asked Centre to cut down on oxygen for industries - like petroleum and steel - to ensure enough amount of oxygen availability for treatment of Covid patients. The Delhi High Court said economic interests could not override human lives or "we are heading for disaster".

"Out of 130 crore, there are less than two crore official cases. Even if it's five times, that means only 10 crore cases. We should protect the remaining people. At this rate, we might lose one crore people. We should act fast," the Delhi High Court said to the Centre.

"We are not here to run the government but you have to be sensitive to the situation."

Delhi government on Monday complained in High Court of shortage of oxygen, and alleged that the oxygen supply is being diverted to "one of the largest states" of the country. Delhi did not take names, saying it could become political.

"If despite having the medication, it is being sent to region A instead of region B which is in need of said medication, then be sure, blood is on their hands," the Delhi High Court said.

"Industries can wait. Patients cannot. Human lives are at stake," a bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said to the Centre.