Delhi Police Barred Protesting NAC Pensioners To Meet Labour Minister and CBT members

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Delhi Police Barred Protesting NAC Pensioners To Meet Labour Minister and CBT members
Delhi Police Barred Protesting NAC Pensioners To Meet Labour Minister and CBT members

New Delhi : The members of National Agitation Committee (NAC) observed a silent protest in New Delhi at the meeting of CBT. The Delhi Police at the site of protest barred the silent agitators including aged women above 60 years to meet the Labour Minister and CBT members.

The protest was organized against the rising mortality rate of EPS-95 pensioners in the hope of justice. EPFO ​​organization EPS is proving to be an antidote, not a star of 95 members. 60-70 people have come from almost all the states including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra. 

NAC Chief Commander Ashok Raut during the silent protest said, "We were demonstrating peacefully in Delhi to submit a memorandum to the concerned Minister. But the police personnel did not allow us to meet the concerned Labour Minister & CBT members. This harrasment is unacceptable. EPFO ​​is trying to mislead CBT members by playing tricks against pensioners. O one hand, after receiving the contribution of 6 crore employees every month and keeping the interest with him, even after getting an amount of 6 lakh crores in the pension fund, taking budgetary support from the government for payment of minimum pension of Rs.1000 to show this. Trying that EPFO ​​does not have money for pension increase." 

Came from Maharashtra Dr. Jayshree Patil said, "Bahuguna ji from Delhi, Mukesh, Kamble Tai, Suresh Dangwal from Uttarakhand, Shaha, Asaram ji from Uttar Pradesh have been hackled and manhandled by the police. Pension victims are sitting on a gradual calibration strike in front of the collector's office in Buldhana (Maharashtra) since 1063 days. The Delhi police did not behave appropriately towards the woman while representing the woman pension holder by taking the 61-year-old woman along." 

On the basis of Supreme Court's decision dated 4.10.2016 in the matter of high pension, even after EPFO's own letter dated 23.03.2017, pensioners are not providing their entitlements and pensioners are being asked to go to courts again. has been forced.

*EPFO is providing Rs 2000 monthly medical allowance to its employees but pensioners are being denied medical facility.

Commander Raut further said, "Government of India is running other pension schemes smoothly but step-treatment is being done to EPS 95 pensioners.

Due to all these reasons, the anger among the pensioners is at its peak. Rashtriya Sangharsh Samiti (NAC) is struggling for the last 5 years to get justice for EPS 95 pensioners. The four-point demands of NAC have not been accepted yet, that is why in the meeting of Jamshedpur on 15.11.2021, some important decisions were taken to get the demands approved. Our members are leaving the world day by day, so in today's CBT meeting, in the context of our demands, accept the CBT proposal and do not test our patience."