'Every tactic failed': Ashok Gehlot against forces to topple his government

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Image tweeted by @kcvenugopalmp
Image tweeted by @kcvenugopalmp

Jaipur : Hours after winning the trust vote in Rajasthan assembly, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted to highlight 'the unity among Congress MLAs'. Without naming BJP, the Congress veteran leader said "tactics" of "forces" that are trying to topple elected governments did not work in the state.

"Winning the trust vote in the Assembly is a message to the forces that are trying to destabilize elected govt in the country. Their every tactic failed in Rajasthan. It is the people's unwavering trust in us and unity of our Congress MLAs that has brought this victory," he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Sachin Pilot's seat position inside the house was changed and placed near the benches of opposition. To this, he claimed that he has been put on the borderline of Assembly because only the brave soldiers are placed on the borderline.

"When I came to the house and found that my seat had been changed, I was wondering why. When I sat there (pointing to the government benches), I felt safe. Now I am next to the opposition. Then I realized that I have been sent to the sarhad (border). That is because only the bravest and strongest warrior is sent to the border," said Sachin Pilot during his address.

Sachin Pilot and his rebel 18 MLAs, who had put Ashok Gehlot government in danger of getting out from power, were seen patching up and shaking hands with Congress again on the eve of trust vote.

CM Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot were seen showing the victory sign to the media on Thursday night, announcing the truce which came after latter's meeting with Congress senior leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.