Former MP Uday Singh gives ray of hope for innocent prisoners

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Former MP Uday Singh gives ray of hope for innocent prisoners
Former MP Uday Singh gives ray of hope for innocent prisoners

Purnea : Former MP from Purnea Lok Sabha seat Shri Uday Singh, has begun a new initiative to help the innocent prisoners. His efforts have already started bearing fruits as three inmates have been released from the jail.

The former MP has informed that Purnea Lok Sabha Vikas Parishad (PLSVP) has set up a committee of lawyers to fight for the justice to the poor.

This committee is picking up the cases in which innocent people from economically weaker sections of the society have been jailed. In its first stage, the committee has already helped three people, including a woman, get evicted from the prison.

There are so many jail inmates in Purnea who are too poor to even afford a lawyer and fight for justice. We have requested the jailer to prepare a list and provide us names of inmates who have completed their sentence but are still languishing in the prison because they couldn't get their bail orders from the court.

The BJP leader revealed that the jailer has informed that there are 17 such inmates whose jail term is coming to an end. The committee has requested advocates Dilip Kumar and Rajneesh Tuddu to help these people.

PLSVP is making all sorts of arrangements to help these people get free from the jail and will continue doing so. Advocate Dilip Kumar represented Ramvati Devi in the court and helped her get out. She was accused of carrying liquor when police raided her house and the police chased her down to arrest her. Rajneesh Tuddu helped get Bilochan and Nirmal Rishi out on bail.

Uday Singh said, "I have witnessed so many cases in which innocent and poor people are being framed under false charges and put behind the bars. There is no denying the fact that the law and order in the society aren't as effective as they should have been. This committee is constantly helping those who couldn't afford to bear their court expenses and help them get justice."

The former LS MP expressed confidence with the efforts made by the committee so far and stressed it will bring relief to many more such people who are languishing in the jails for no reason.

Shri Uday Singh further added that criminal activities are on the rise in Purnea and the anti-social men do not fear the law and conditions are returning to what was in 2004 when criminals had political backing of elected representatives of that time. Kidnapping, murder, extortion related violence are on the rise.