Gautam Gambhir targets Arvind Kejriwal as AAP leader faces allegations

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Gautam Gambhir targets Arvind Kejriwal as AAP leader faces allegations
Gautam Gambhir targets Arvind Kejriwal as AAP leader faces allegations

New Delhi : BJP MP Gautam Gambhir on Thursday afternoon shared his reaction on the news of Tahir Hussain's alleged murder of an Intelligence Bureau employee, whose body was found in a drain in Jaffrabad.

Ankit Sharma, 26, was allegedly attacked by a mob and was stabbed to death on Tuesday while he was on his way to home.

At least 38 people have been killed and over 300 injured in the Delhi violence.

After the body was found on Wednesday, his father Ravinder Sharma alleged that his son was killed by the supporters of Hussain. He further alleged his son had been shot after he was beaten.

In a tweet, BJP's Gautam Gambhir said that if allegations are proven true, "public, law, god won't forgive" Tahir Hussain.

"Killing IB's Ankit Sharma, throwing his body in a drain, giving shelters to those indulging in violence and throwing petrol bombs... these are the allegations against a public representative. If these allegations are proven true, then public, law, god won't forgive Tahir Hussain," the 38-year-old wrote in Hindi.

"Arvind Kejriwal, your silence is deafening," he further said.

Later, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal shared his reaction and claimed that the guilty people will not be spared. "Anyone who has incited violence, shouldn't be spared, even if he is a part of my cabinet... he should be given strictest punishment," he said

"Why are you asking for remarks... is this how we will run our criminal justice system... If anyone is accused from our side... give them double the punishment," Kejriwal added.

Earlier on Thursday, AAP's Tahir Hussain had released a video to claim his innocence. "The news about me is false. Since Kapil Mishra's hate speech, the situation in Delhi has deteriorated, with stone throwing and violence taking place. The same happened here (at his residence) the day before yesterday," Hussain said in a video posted on Twitter.

In the video, Hussain explains that a mob broke into his house and climbed to the roof to carry out attacks. He says he "repeatedly called for the police" who arrived "some hours later" and, after the protesters were cleared, requested them to guard his home to ensure this did not happen again.