GSTN to launch an app to track tax evaders

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GSTN to launch an app to track tax evaders
GSTN to launch an app to track tax evaders

New Delhi : GST Network is designing an application that will help tax officers in nabbing the culprits who are evading taxes.

GST Network (GSTN), the company handling the technology backbone for Goods and Services Tax, has over the last 11 months provided a platform for businesses to file their returns and pay taxes every month. 

GSTN Chief Executive Prakash Kumar said that the company's focus will be on providing data analytics and improve user interface.

"We are working on the analytics part. We have already started sharing with tax officers simple analytics on differences between GSTR-3B and GSTR-1, GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A. This is a broad state-wise data generated by GSTN, based on which the officers can look into the returns filed by taxpayers in his jurisdiction and spot mismatches," Kumar told PTI in an interview. 

GSTN is also working to improve its user interface by providing systematised error messages with 'error numbers'. Once a taxpayers sees a particular error number pop up on the screen, he can call the GSTN help desk for solutions. 

"Now the error message also says what has gone wrong and what you need to do to correct that. It will show a particular error number, which helps the GSTN helpdesk person to quickly identify the error that the taxpayer is committing and can guide him accordingly," Kumar said.

Since the roll out of the GST from July 1, 2017, GSTN has handled 11.5 crore returns and processed 376 crore invoices.