Happy Thanksgiving: Black Friday is here; top US websites to shop from in India!

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Black Friday Sale
Black Friday Sale

Los angeles : Not many people in India have an idea of Thanksgiving, but they surely know about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales which have picked up in recent years.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving- a holiday which Americans celebrate every year and get access to so many deals and stuff which they get at almost half prices.

The tradition has also come to India; now you can also start buying from international websites. If you are wondering which websites you should order from or which ones are shipping items to India don’t worry, here we come in the picture.

Take a look at our list of websites that we have created especially for your convenience.


One of the best sites in India to avail international items, Amazon.com directly ships some items to India. However, you may end up paying shipping charges and customs charges up front, which allows for hassle-free shopping.


This site lets you order stuff from the US while paying in INR. Great isn’t it?


The amazing website has a whole bunch of electronic goods and accessories that too at affordable prices. Wanna try it!

B&H Photo Video

The store ships best professional audio and video equipment, though shipping charges and Customs duties apply.


This is a popular online store in US that sells computer peripherals and other electronic goods.


The site sells everything in fact it ships most of the items to India free. But because it is a Chinese website just a note of caution, be careful in what you order.


An advice: Don’t forget to factor in international shipping and customs fees when you're ordering. Happy Thanksgiving.