High Time to Float Indian Environment Service to Mitigate Pollution Crisis & Climate Change: Enviro - Legal Federation of India (ELFI)

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High Time to Float Indian Environment Service to Mitigate Pollution Crisis & Climate Change: Enviro -  Legal Federation of India (ELFI)
High Time to Float Indian Environment Service to Mitigate Pollution Crisis & Climate Change: Enviro - Legal Federation of India (ELFI)

New Delhi : It is high time that India needs an Indian Environment Service to tackle climate change, pollution crisis and disasters. The recent spectre of the pollution crisis, environmental degradation, ecological imbalance, climate change and the consequent increase in the frequency of Weather and Water Disasters Scarcity has become one of India's greatest political challenges. 

The growing environmental crisis is exposing hundreds of millions of Indian citizens to environmental hazards from increasing levels of air pollution, water pollution, non-disposal of solid waste and garbage, which are increasingly threatening their health and well-being. Danger. 

In recent weeks, the failure of central and state governments to deal with the deepening pollution crisis in the Delhi region has sparked a national debate over India's readiness and ability to deal with such acute environmental crises. India's major cities are becoming  pollution 'hotspots' as they become increasingly 'uninhabitable', particularly for children and the elderly. 

The failure of federal and state governments to deteriorate the  Air Quality Index (AQI) Delhi NCR  raises fundamental questions on the effectiveness of the institutional and administrative response system activated in recent years. One of the main causes of environmental destruction in the current scenario is the structural failure of the enforcement capacities of state environmental institutions at various levels. The lack of effective  coordination between different departments/institutions has created bottlenecks that make it difficult for them to work together and coordinate effectively to meet this challenge. 

There is a lack of trained personnel involved in  administration, policy formulation and overseeing the implementation of state and central government policies. Highly qualified Indian Civil Service officers, particularly the Indian  Administrative Service , have so far failed to show productive results in addressing this serious challenge. Experts have argued that these bureaucrats are not specifically trained to deal with such situations due to a lack of  environmental knowledge/experience. The current acute pollution crisis and  long-term. The challenges posed by climate change and disasters make it imperative to create an independent All India Service called “Environmental Service of India” to support the masses. Therefore, in light of the nationwide unrest surrounding the  growing  environmental crisis of , the creation of an "Indian Environmental Service" for all of India  is the need of the hour. 

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) is the focal point in the central government's administrative structure  for planning, promoting, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of environmental policies in India and forest policies and programmes. 

The Union  Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) set up a high level committee chaired by Shri TSR Subramanian to review the  laws of the country in order to adapt them to the current requirements. 

The Committee submitted its document on November 18, 2014, wherein it had categorically recorded that:“While India has a robust environmental coverage and legislative framework, plenty of the hassle pertains to vulnerable implementation of the numerous acts and the rules

thereunder. Conservation advocates, assignment proponents and judiciary – none is happy with contemporary environmental governance and the coverage equipment presently deployed within side the control of the quarter.”

Due to the loss of considered necessary professionals associated with environmental troubles, it's miles very difficult for the authorities equipment to provide you with powerful and sensible answers. Civil Servants aren't professionals, it's going to result in the bad formula and implementation of regulations and as a way to be a form of obstacle to

nation-constructing and could in addition result in wastage of country wide resources. Environment, being the sort of complex, touchy and interdisciplinary subject, calls for green humans with considered necessary qualifications and revel in which can result in balance within side the entire quarter and its car.This makes it vital to depend on professionals to type out the worsening state of affairs of pollution on this country. Seeing the clinical and technical nature of the surroundings quarter, it may be assumed that officials with a heritage in environmental technology can provide you with higher answers for severa troubles.

It has been over and over encouraged via way of means of Hon’ble Courts, Committees and different boards that each administrative task ought to be carried out via way of means of someone who has understanding and revel in of that precise discipline. As of today, the officials who're managing numerous

Environment and Climate Change troubles within side the Ministry aren't ‘Environmental Experts’. This is in particular due to the shortage of a Specialized All India Service in Ministry of Environment.

In the view of the above-mentioned, a PIL became filed via way of means of AOR Samar Vijay Singh within side the Supreme Court of India praying to the Court to problem an order or route to create an “independent” Indian Environment Service and additionally to installation an Indian Environmental Service Academy to educate Officers for Environmental Law Enforcement.Hence, in the hobby of public fitness and for a higher future, we want to create a separate All India Service called “The Indian Environment Service”. This step

will now no longer best gain the surroundings in long term however additionally lower the burden from the Civil Servants who're presently hired as Environment Officers while not having specialised qualification withinside the discipline of Environment.