India wants 'majboot', not 'majboor' government: PM Narendra Modi

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India wants 'majboot', not 'majboor' government: PM Narendra Modi
India wants 'majboot', not 'majboor' government: PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took a dig at the anti- BJP grand alliance, tagging them as a 'failed experiment'. He said that they want to form a 'majboor (helpless) government, while Bharatiya Janata Party wants to form a majboot (Strong) government.

Addressing a BJP's National Convention, PM Modi said that the parties which were formed to oppose Congress once are now joining hands with it to compete with BJP.

"Country should decide if it wants a pradhan sevak who spends months on vacation abroad or one who works tirelessly without taking a break," Modi told a packed Ramlila Maidan filled with party workers.

Louding his government, PM Modi said that BJP has proved that work can be done without corruption too. “BJP rule proved that country can see a change and govt can run without corruption,” he said.

Taking note of allegations over government doing nothing for the farmers, PM Modi said BJP is working towards improvinf farmers income and aim to double it by 2022.

“To meet expectations of youths who were not getting opportunities due to poverty,” Modi said.

In an hour-long speech, PM Modi did not mention anything about the Rafale deal.