India remembers its first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad his 136th Birth Anniversary

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President Rajendra Prasad (Image: Goldmine PR)
President Rajendra Prasad (Image: Goldmine PR)

New Delhi : To commemorate the legacy of India's first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Rajendra Chintan Samiti organized a program in his remembrance in New Delhi. The program was inaugurated by the NDMC Chairman Dharmendra Kumar by lighting the lamp and paying his respects to Dr. Rajendra Babu.

On this occasion, he said that Dr. Rajendra Babu took part in the freedom struggle and nation is grateful to his exemplary contributions to the freedom of the nation. He walked shoulder to shoulder with Gandhi Ji, Nehru Ji and Sardar Patel Ji in the freedom struggle. 

NDMC Secretary Brij Mohan Mishra said that Dr. Rajendra Prasad has set high standards of simplicity and morality. Today we can pay our true tribute to him by following the path shown by him. 

The convener of Rajendra Chintan Samiti, Ram Krishna Sharma elaborated the work done by Dr. Rajendra Prasad and said that he was a great freedom fighter and a true patriot. He has a special contribution in the constitution of the Constitution. He said that Dr. Rajendra Babu gave political dignity to his sacrificial life. 

Vijay Shankar Chaturvedi, Vice Chairman, Rajendra Chintan Committee, said that Dr. Rajendra Prasad made the service of the country his life from the days of freedom struggle and he continued to follow that path for his whole life. 

On this special occasion, 'Bhagvad Geeta' was presented to  dignitaries on behalf of ISKCON, Delhi. 

Rajendra Chintan Samiti convener Pankaj Sharma Pulkit Chaturvedi, advocate Shyam Sundar Gupta, Educationist and Journalist Manoj Sharma and hundreds of people paid homage to the statue of Rajendra Prasad. 

After paying homage to Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Educationist and Journalist  Manoj Sharma said, "Dr. Rajendra Prasad, an icon of patriotism, has made an incomparable contribution to the constitution. The dream of nation building of the country's  first President Rajendra Babu will always be remembered for ages to come. We are hopeful that his ideals will be followed in daily routine activities and thoughts by the generations to come."