Indian Railways drops 'massage' service on train proposal

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Indian Railways drops 'massage' service on train proposal
Indian Railways drops 'massage' service on train proposal

New Delhi : Days after receiving flak from the public and politicians, the Indian Railways has decided to drop the proposal of massage to passengers on board the trains.

Former BJP MP and Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan had reportedly written a letter to Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways of India, stating that it’s against the Indian culture to offer such services in front of other passengers.

Yesterday, Shankar Lalwani, a BJP MP from Indore, wrote a letter to Piyush Goyal and said that such a move is not feasible as there will be fellow women travellers present on board the train.

“I can understand this service being provided in tourist trains or even Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains, but not in passenger trains as is being planned. In passenger trains who cares for massages?” said Lalwani.

“They are poor people and the journeys last for three to four hours. Who needs a massage there? I think this is completely unnecessary and many women groups here have also complained about it,” he added.

Issuing an official statement over the proposal, Indian Railways said that the proposal on providing head, neck and foot massages to passengers of 39 trains originating from Indore has been withdrawn.

According to the plan, the massage facility was to be made available in 39 trains originating from Indore, including Dehradun-Indore Express (14317), New Delhi-Indore Intercity Express (12416) and Indore-Amritsar Express (19325).