Indian Railways gets its fastest engine till date, to run at 200kmph

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Indian Railways gets its fastest engine till date, to run at 200kmph
Indian Railways gets its fastest engine till date, to run at 200kmph

New Delhi : Chittaranjan Locomotive Works on Sunday gave Indian Railways its fastest engine till date. The modified WAP 5, official name will be announced at a later stage, is expected to operate high speeds of up to 200 Kmph.

In order to make it safer for travel, the engineers have given it all-new aerodynamics with an ergonomic design that takes care of the driver's comfort and safety.

The first unit of the engine has been sent to Ghaziabad for testing purpose. The speed machine will be used to operate fast trains like Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express and Gatimaan Express on various routes to cover India.

With an increased speed, it is likely to cut down travel time dramatically. WAP 5 variant has a rearranged gear ratio and generates 5400 HP.

"This engine has a modern design. The front end has a more aerodynamic shape to reduce drag at higher speeds. The completely revamped suspension system would ensure that there are no undue vibrations and the train is dynamically stable even at speeds of 200 kmph," said Mantar Singh, public relation officer, CLW.

To make travel safer and reliable, the engine has been fitted with a cockpit recorder that will record communication between the members of the driving team. The recordings will be saved for 90 days and can be used in case of emergencies or accidents.

This engine would consume less electricity than its predecessors, thanks to a next-generation regenerative braking system.


With improved technologies and better safety equipments, the engine will cost around Rs 13 crores. However, it will lower the running cost and will also be helpful in cutting travel time, resulting in generating better revenues.

Recently, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led cabinet has cleared an ambitious project for 100 per cent electrification of the broad gauge of Indian Railways network.

CLW has manufactured 300 passenger and 50 goods engines in the last financial year.