Karnataka was 'rehearsal' of Lok Sabha elections, says Yashwant Sinha

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Karnataka was 'rehearsal' of Lok Sabha elections, says Yashwant Sinha
Karnataka was 'rehearsal' of Lok Sabha elections, says Yashwant Sinha

New Delhi : Former BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Thursday termed the political developments in Karnataka as a "rehearsal" for the Lok Sabha elections and criticised Governor Vajubhai Vala for not adhering to his responsibilities. Sinha also sat on a protest outside Rashtrapati Bhavan over the issue and appealed to the people to join him to save democracy.

"What is happening in Karnataka today is a rehearsal for what will happen after the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi. I am sitting on protest outside Rashtrapati Bhavan against the BJP's unconstitutional move to form a government in Karnataka," the former Finance Minister said.

He said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is eight seats short in the Karnataka Assembly and no other party or MLA has so far come out in its support.

"By not adhering to his responsibilities and acting just in the opposite, the Karnataka Governor has produced such a circumstance in which an Indian Political League has started, like the Indian Premier League in cricket. Now, MLAs and MPs will be auctioned. They will support those who will give them maximum money," Sinha said.

Will the country's democracy run like this, asked Sinha, adding "we are sitting here to protect those values".

He also took on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying "Modi had assured here in the Parliament while forming 16th Lok Sabha that he would become the biggest protector of democracy. What is going on in the country now?"

"This was not done only in Karnataka, it has been earlier done in Goa, Bihar and Manipur. In these three states, the Governor called the BJP-led alliances to form the government when they showed their post-poll coalition, and allowed them to take oath.

"Contrary to this, the Karnataka Governor did not allow the two parties who claimed majority to form the government. The Governor ignored them and called the BJP to form the government. Is democracy safe?"

Sinha said democracy first ended in the party, which led him to leave it and now it is ending throughout the country.

He said the "government and the BJP have no right to trample the values of democracy in this way".

The leader said this is the weakness of the political system that issues "which could be solved by ourselves" are presented before the Supreme Court.

"The matter should not go to the Supreme Court. We are bound to take help of the Supreme Court in such issues because justice is not done by the current political system. Justice is not done by the Governor.

"In my view, the Governor's post is bigger than the Supreme Court. He should have done justice. The issue was dragged to the Supreme Court because the Governor failed to do justice."

He also raised questions over the appointment of Governors, saying "if Governors work like soldiers of a party, the country's democracy would not work".