Leaked audio tape affirms 'jungle raj' in Uttar Pradesh

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Leaked audio tape affirms 'jungle raj' in Uttar Pradesh
Leaked audio tape affirms 'jungle raj' in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow : A 'wanted criminal' released an audio tape affirming 'jungle raj' still prevails in Uttar Pradesh.

In the chilling audio tape, a police inspector can be heard advising a wanted criminal to manage District BJP chief and a local BJP MLA if he wishes to live.

Identified as Lekhraj Yadav, the wanted criminal has nearly 60 cases against him. The conversation was apparently recorded on Friday, hours before he managed to escape alleged planned encounter by the cops.

The audio clip has gone viral on social media.

"Madad Karo, yaar, madad karo" (Help me out, my friend, save me) is the plaintive appeal with which the chilling audio tape opens. It is greeted with a guffaw from the other end. "You don’t realise my helplessness. I cannot do anything," says the man on the other end, now identified as Inspector Sumeet Kumar Singh, SHO of Mauranipur Police Station in Jhansi district.

He then goes on to name the BJP district president Sanjay Dubey and a local MLA Rajiv Singh Paaricha. “Manage these two people if you want to live,” Yadav is informed.

"The season of encounters is on.... Your mobile number is under surveillance and you will be killed soon. Manage the Babina MLA and the BJP district president if you want to save yourself."

"We are the biggest criminals," the voice adds, laughing. "I have killed many people and thrown them away.... You are a good man. God is with you.... But my history is very bad but my future is bright,” the inspector goes on to add.