Lok Sabha elections: List of documents required to cast vote

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Voter ID card is compulsory for voting
Voter ID card is compulsory for voting

New Delhi : India will celebrate the country's biggest event, 'Election 2019' in a few days to come. The first phase of voting for Lok Sabha elections will start on April 11. In order to give vote, it is necessary for all the citizens of India to verify their voter identification at the time of polling. Voter’s ID or the Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the Election Commission of India is compulsory during the document-verification process.

In case, a citizen does not have Voter’s ID card, he/she/others can bring the following documents as photo-verification at the time of voting:

1) Passport

2) Driving licence

3) Service identity card of the state government or the central government

4) PAN card

5) Aadhar card

6) Passbook issued by bank or post office

7) MGNREGA job card

8) Health insurance card issued by the Ministry of Labour

9) Pension document with a photograph

10) Authenticated photo voter slip issued by the election commission

How to cast your vote in Elections 2019

In order to cast vote to your favorite political party in elections 2019, it is necessary to reach the polling booth on the date and time specified by the Election Commission of India. A polling officer will verify your identity after you enter the booth. After clearance, a second polling officer will mark an indelible ink on your left forefinger. You are now cleared to vote. A third polling officer will press the “Ballot” button on the Control Unit of the voting machine. The officer will further direct you to the compartment for you to cast your vote on the balloting unit of the voting machine.

Physically handicapped voters and female voters carrying babies in their arm will be given priority in spite of the queue at the time of voting.

Once you press the blue candidate button on the voting machine against the name and symbol of the candidate of your choice, a red lamp will glow against the chosen candidate. You will hear a loud beep sound indicating that your vote has been recorded. The voting process is successful, then.