Maharashtra prepares for tougher fight against coronavirus

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Maharashtra prepares for tougher fight against coronavirus
Maharashtra prepares for tougher fight against coronavirus

Mumbai : Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday held an online briefing to discuss the current situation of coronavirus in the state while mentioning that the fight is going to get tough from here but the administration is prepared with extra medical facilities.

He mentioned that considering the state of the state, it would not be okay to end all of lockdown on May 31.

He also thanked the people of the state for maintaining discipline during the lockdown. He said that the Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra were projected to be around 1.15 lakh by May end but currently, “we have 33,786 Covid-19 cases, around 13,404 have recovered,” he said.

“This is due to the lockdown and discipline maintained by you all,” the chief minister said.

While cautioning about the unprecedented rise in the number of coronavirus cases in India, he mentioned that the state administration has prepared itself to fight against the virus. 

“By the end of May, we will make 14,000 beds available, currently we have already created around 7,000 beds including 3,000 in our field hospitals,” he said. The chief minister also cautioned against the approaching monsoon season which is likely to trigger a host of related ailments and seasonal infections.

Mumbai, Thane, Pune are the worst-hit districts in Maharashtra. Covid-19 cases have crossed the 28,000-mark in Mumbai while 949 patients succumbed to death due to coronavirus in the country’s financial capital. Thane has reported over 6,000 cases of infections and 85 fatalities. In Pune, Covid-19 cases have jumped to 5,347 while 257 have died.