Manmohan Singh slams PM Narendra Modi, says 'worst is yet to come'

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Ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh slams PM Narendra Modi
Ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh slams PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi : Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday slammed PM Narendra Modi and said the economic situation of India has already become bad, 'worse is yet to come.'

Manmohan Singh was speaking at "Jan Vedna Sammelan" of the Congress, where he claimed that it is his solemn duty to tell the people what wrongs Modi is doing.

"Demonatisation has hurt the country hard. Things have gone bad in the last two months, but worse is yet to come," he said.

"The beginning of the end has come", Singh said, adding that "Modi's propaganda to reflect wrong figures has failed".

"Modi's propaganda that the national income of India in the last two years has gone up, has failed... The 7.6 per cent growth rate of country has come to 7 per cent in only a few months as a consequence of steep fall in the GDP of the country," Singh said.

(with inputs from IANS)

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