Mumbai plane crash update: Pilot husband charges aviation company

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New Delhi : The chartered plane crash in Mumbai suburbs killed five people and have created tensed situation in Ghatkopar locality. The fatal accident took place on June 28 where four on board and one pedestrian on ground was left dead on spot. Among the deceased was co-pilot Maria. Her husband has now accused the aviation company which owned the plane for the unfortunate and tragic incident.

All four on board the King Air C90 12-seater aircraft, pilot Captian Pradeep Rajput, co-pilot Maria, an engineer Surbhi and a technician, died in the tragedy while one person on ground too lost his life. Speaking to mediapersons, P Kuthariya said that his wife had informed him bad weather had stuck the plane. "The incident could have been averted. Maria had told me that the flight won't be flown due to bad weather. The aviation company is responsible for this unfortunate incident," he said.

Report suggests that the plane belonged to Mumbai's UV Aviation.

There were reports in the immediate consequences of the crash that the plane belonged to the UP government but officials denied it. "The aircraft was sold it to Mumbai's UY Aviation. The deal was done after the plane had met with an accident in Allahabad," Principal Secretary Information Avnish Awasthi said.

While many doubts took birth regarding the condition of the plane and why it was allowed to fly in bad weather, eyewitness reveals that an even bigger tragedy could have taken place if the plane would have crashed into a more crowded area or hit a high-rise instead of an open space.