'Watermelon protest' in Kerala as teacher passes sexist remark over Muslim girls

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Muslim girls flaunts breasts in Hijab like watermelon: Kerala teacher
Muslim girls flaunts breasts in Hijab like watermelon: Kerala teacher

New Delhi : Students took out march to show their anger against a Kerala teacher who allegedly passed a sexist comment on Muslim girls dress. 

An assistant professor of Farook Training College had said that girls were not wearing their hijab properly and were deliberately exposing their chest just like ‘slices of watermelons on display.’ He was addressing a gathering of Muslim families.

Hundreds of girl students, anguished over his comments, took out a march on road with watermelons in their hands, seeking action against the professor for making such derogatory remark against Muslim girls.

A clip of the speech went viral on the internet after news website DoolNews published it and the teacher is now facing severe criticism on social media.

The professor was also seen making a comment over the leggings Muslim girls wear. "I am teacher of a college where 80% of the students are girls and the majority of them are Muslims. What is the situation there? They wear purdah, but they wear leggings too. And they hold their purdah a little higher in order to expose the leggings they are wearing. This is the new style," Jauhar says.

Farook College was in the news recently after a ruckus caused during the Holi celebration.