Mystery solved! Nine migrants killed by fellow migrant in Warangal

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Mystery solved! Nine migrants killed by fellow migrant in Warangal
Mystery solved! Nine migrants killed by fellow migrant in Warangal

New Delhi : The Telangana Police on Monday said that they have solved the murder mystery of nine migrants (six from one family) who were found dead from an abandoned well on the outskirts of Warangal town on Friday last.

Warangal city police commissioner V Ravinder announced that all nine people were killed by their fellow migrant worker.

The police had recovered nine bodies, said the commissioner, from a well at Gorrekunta village of Geesugonda block on the outskirts of Warangal.

The deceased were identified as Md Maqsood (55), his wife Nisha (48), sons Shahabad Alam (21) and Sohail Alam (18), daughter Bushra (20) and her three years old son Shoaib (all from the same family from West Bengal), Sriram (21) and Shyam (22) from Bihar, besides Shakil (30) from Tripura.

According to the information, all the elders were used to work in a gunny bags manufacturing unit at Geesugonda and were staying there since the lockdown was announced.

Earlier, it was believed that they all had committed mass suicide due to the financial constraint. 

“After going through the evidence available at the spot, examining the footage from the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and post-mortem report, we came to the conclusion that it was a cold-blooded murder by Sanjay Kumar Yadav, who came from Bihar six years ago and was working in the same factory,” Ravinder said.

The murder mystery!

According to the police commissioner, Yadav had an illicit relationship with Rafiqa (37) and had promised to marry her. When they ran away, the man killed and returned to Warangal.

“Rafiqa, along with her three children, started living with Yadav separately. But she later realised that Yadav was also trapping her teenaged daughter. Unable to bear it, she threatened to expose him,” Ravinder said.

After a couple of days, Maqsood enquired about Rafiqa to which Yadav said that he stayed back with her brother. With no information on her whereabouts, the suspicion rose on him.

Fearing trouble, Yadav then decided to kill all the family members of Maqsood, said police. He is alleged to have bought sleeping pills from a medical shop and on May 20 attended the birthday party hosted by Maqsood for his son. He is reported to have mixed the pills in the food.

“After ensuring that all of them were unconscious, Yadav dragged all the nine to the well one after the other and threw them into it between 12.30 am to 5 am on Thursday,” Ravinder said.

Based on the evidences, Yadav was traced and arrested by the police officials. “During interrogation, he confessed to committing the crime,” the Commissioner said.