National Anthem to be played in cinema halls, rules Supreme Court

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Indian National Flag
Indian National Flag

New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that National Anthem must be played in cinema halls before the start of any movie across the nation.

"The national anthem must be accompanied with a picture of India’s national flag," the apex body added.

The court also said that it is mandatory for all people present inside the cinema hall to stand to show respect while the national anthem is played.

The bench of judges feel that this will bring feeling of patriotism and nationalism in mind of people.

The bench said: "It is the duty of every citizen to abide by the ideals ingrained in the Constitution and as such show respect to the National Anthem and the national flag."

The ruling comes on a PIL (public interest litigation) filed by Shayam Narayan Chouksey over the guidelines over playing of the national anthem.

More Info:

# The national anthem should not be printed or displayed on undesirable objects.

# There should not be dramatisation of the national anthem.

# No commercial benefits be taken by a person by playing the anthem.