Nearly 300 PG doctors on protest at Gandhi hospital: What is the matter?

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Nearly 300 PG doctors on protest at Gandhi hospital: What is the matter?
Nearly 300 PG doctors on protest at Gandhi hospital: What is the matter?

Telangana : Around 300 PG doctors went on protest, demanding justice against the violent act against one of their colleagues at Gandhi Hospital in Telangana.

Family members of a deceased 55-year-old COVID patient had barged inside the campus and attacked a doctor who was involved in the treatment.

"They destroyed the plastic chairs and attacked the doctor on duty with an iron stool. He blocked the attack but was hit on his hip. Other doctors and nurses rushed to their safety and informed the police," said a doctor who is protesting amongst many others against the attack on a fellow doctor.

The protesting doctors have refused to join back duties till their demands are fulfilled by the government. The state health minister's office approached the protesting doctors for a negotiation so that they can resume their covid duties.

As mentioned by a doctor protesting at Gandhi Hospital, the poor condition of the patient was notified to the family, but despite that the patient walked on his own to the toilet removing his CPAP mask. Later, he suffered a cardiac arrest and died. Enraged by the death, the patient attendees attacked a PG doctor on duty.

"This is the second attack on doctors in Gandhi Hospital. We decided not to protest after considering the pandemic situation and the assurance we received by the police and the government. We cannot keep silent this time," said Dr Lohith, President of Gandhi Junior Doctors Association in Hyderabad.

"We demand SPF for all doctors at all emergencies as assured earlier by the government. We want decentralization of the covid cases from Gandhi Hospital to all other hospitals like other states. The hospital is not following the ICMR guidelines and there needs to be a sense of transparency over the actions taken for such similar incidents that happened in the past through media. Unless our demands are met by the CM and the health minister, we will not resume our covid duties," said Dr Lohith.