North India boils at near 50 degrees temperature

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North India boils at near 50 degrees temperature
North India boils at near 50 degrees temperature

New Delhi : Summers have gripped North Indian states with heatwave as temperature in most of the parts have been recorded soaring to near 50 degree Celsius.

On Thursday, the temperature in Rajasthan's Barmer City was recorded at 48.8 degree Celsiuc, while many cities had temperatures above 45 degrees.

The Indian Meteorological Department has said that the heatwave will continue in the regions till Wednesday.

Meanwhile, water and electricity shortages have also been reported in many regions due to increased consumption. To put things in perspective, the power demand of the national capital on Wednesday was at around 8,000 MW, this is the highest ever for the national capital.

The weather experts have also said that the heat index has crossed the temperatures up to 50 degrees due to high level of humidity.

One of the residents in Delhi, Bhawana said that she has taken work from home because it is unbearable to hit the roads to commute in such high temperatures. Even indoors, it becomes very difficult to sit without switching on air conditioners.

She hoped for quick monsoons to get some respite from the heatwave.