Onion prices soars in Delhi-NCR, reaches above ₹70 per KG

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Onion prices soars in Delhi-NCR, reaches above ₹70 per KG
Onion prices soars in Delhi-NCR, reaches above ₹70 per KG

New Delhi : The soaring onion prices have left people in Delhi-NCR with tears as the staple vegetable was selling at rupees 30 to 50 rupees per kg last week. And it has now reached ₹70 to 80 across Delhi-NCR, including Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad now. Some reports have claimed that the prices can go up to rupees 100 per kg by November first week.

The sudden increase in the prices have been seen after the Navratri festival ended this week during the Navratri festival. People prefer not to eat onions which is why it was selling at Rs 40 to 50 per kg. But now a week after, when the Navratri is over, demand have raised for onions and so the prices.

According to a government data, as of October 25, the maximum retail price of onions had reached to around Rs 70 per kg and this upward trend is likely to continue till December.

Data from the Department of Consumer Affairs reveals that the average wholesale price of onions as of October 26 has reached Rs 3,112.6 per quintal, a significant increase from Rs 2,506.62 per quintal on October 1.

It is worth mentioning that the prices are not just increasing in Delhi NCR, but Maharashtra  and Bengaluru are also seeing an upward trend.

Meanwhile, Modi government has step up to provide some relief to the consumers, as they have initiated a subsidised price of Rs 25 per kg in retail markets.

According to the ministry, onion is being offloaded from the buffer stock in both wholesale and retail markets in states where there is a sharp rise in prices. Since mid-August, about 1.7 lakh tonne of buffer onion has been offloaded in 22 states at different locations. In retail markets, buffer onion is being offloaded through two cooperative bodies NCCF and NAFED outlets and vehicles at a subsidised rate of Rs 25 per kg. In Delhi too, buffer onion is being sold at this subsidised rate.