Opinion: Reasons why three farm laws are scrapped by the government

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Opinion: Reasons why three farm laws are scrapped by the government (Image: Pixabay)
Opinion: Reasons why three farm laws are scrapped by the government (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : On Friday morning, PM Narendra Modi surprised everyone with the announcement of scrapping the three farm laws in the upcoming winter session of the Parliament. Many farmers had been protesting on the Delhi borders with demands to cancel the new farm laws.

After a long battle of 15 months, the government finally said that they failed to convince the farmers on accepting the new farm laws and eventually they have decided to scrap them. Despite the fact that the decision is in regards to the demands of the farmers, the timing of the announcement has raised several questions on the BJP-ruled government.

What could be probable reasons behind the decision to cancel farm laws? We try to find out what made PM Modi accept his failure in rightly projecting the idea via new farm bill.

Concern for farmers

The farmers had been sitting on road for more than 15 months, demanding the scrapping of new farm laws. Several rounds of talks were held between the government and farmers unions to figure out a way that could satisfy both sides. But, the farmers stood adamant on the demands to scrap the laws. Earlier, the government had agreed to make amendments, but when they saw that the farmers are not convinced with the amendments, they chose to go farmers' way as PM Modi always says that his government is committed to betterment of farmers. 

It was seen that the farmers had not moved from roads during the last winter season and the winters are set to embrace the national capital again; considering this, the government may have decided to scrap the laws for now so that farmers can be home during this winter season.

Elections on head

The Opposition leaders are straight away alleging that the decision to scrap the farm laws is because PM Narendra Modi’s government is in no mood to take chance in upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. Some experts believe that PM Modi feared that if the protest continues, he may have to face the anger of farmers in elections and results may not go in BJP’s favour.

Punjab will also go for polls in coming months, and a major portion of farmers belonged to the state ruled by Congress currently. Though BJP does not have a stronghold in the state, Congress' leaders exiting may give BJP a chance and continued protest from farmers would have been a hurdle for the BJP to pitch for elections in the state.

Samajwadi Party leader and former Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav had said that the reversal of farm laws is an election stint and BJP will bring back the laws once they win the upcoming polls. 

Strategic decision to nullify Opposition preparations for polls

For a long time the Opposition parties have been sticking to the new farm bills as their prime agenda and it was expected that they will continue with it in the upcoming elections. Now, with PM Modi announcing the decision, they will have to re-work their strategy for promotions in the upcoming polls. 

Economic Pressure

Now when coronavirus cases have come down in the nation, the government is looking forward to reviving the economy at earliest. The continuous protests have become a challenge for the government to bring foreign businesses on soil as they project a bad image of the nation and governance.

There were transportation challenges due to which localized inflation was being observed in domestic markets.

Several companies like Ford and others have been seen quitting from India due to losses they were making in the market. And India would want to stop companies from going out as it will stop new companies from trusting the nation as a profitable market.