Police to question 9 suspects in server room violence before JNU attack

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Police to question 9 suspects in server room violence before JNU attack
Police to question 9 suspects in server room violence before JNU attack

New Delhi : Delhi Police has issued notice to nine students who were allegedly involved in the server room violence, hours before the deadly mob attack on the students and faculty on January 5.

The students include injured student union leader Aishe Ghosh; they were identified on the basis of viral video on the social media, statements from the hostel wardens, security guards and students.

According to the known information, they will be questioned individually at different time intervals. The cops also said female suspects need not present themselves at the Crime Branch office but would be questioned by female officers at a time and place of their choosing.

The cops also mentioned that other students, who are believed to be connected in the violence, have been identified and they will be questioned next week.

On Friday, the Delhi Police had released a series of photographs to claim that they have identified the attackers who were responsible for the clashes inside the server room over the hostel fees hike.

The clash happened hours before 70-100 masked goons entered the college campus carrying iron rods and sledgehammers. In the latter attack, 34 students were injured and sent to the hospital.

Naming mostly members of the Left-controlled students union, the cops also named Yogendra Bhardwaj and Vikas Patel; both are said to be members of the BJP-linked ABVP.

While the police have claimed that they have identified 37 attackers, they also mentioned that the delay in the process is mainly because of lack of CCTV footage and the evidences. On Saturday JNU Vice Chancellor Jagadeesh M Kumar, in his first meeting with students since the attack, said additional CCTV cameras would be installed near hostels.

"Whatever has happened has happened. Let us leave the past behind. We are not trying to raise finger at anyone or blame anyone. What is important for us to is to make sure the university functions properly and we move forward," he was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.